My Own Test Kitchen What to do with Leftover Fruit Salad

What to Do With Leftover Fruit Salad Audrey Dunham

Add the peels of the 10 lemons to 750 milliliters of vodka (almost any glass jar or bottle you can secure at the top will work) and leave to infuse for a few days if you want a mild version โ€” up to a month for a very strong flavor. Once it has infused, strain the liquid and add the syrup to finish off the limoncello.

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Bake a Fruit Tart: Utilize your leftover fruit as a topping for a homemade tart. Pre-bake a tart shell, fill with a layer of custard or whipped cream, and arrange your fruit on top. Fruit Sorbet: Whip up a quick sorbet by pureeing your fruit salad in a blender. Add a touch of sugar or honey to taste, then freeze until set.

What to do with leftover fruit salad Very Veganish

Remove any flesh and white skin from the rinds of grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges or any citrus fruit. Bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil, place the peels in and cook for about for 2.

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Apricots, sliced. Peaches, sliced. Fill a pitcher about halfway full with fruit, then add equal parts red wine and sparkling lemonade. Serve in glasses with infused ice cubes and frozen fruit. Note: Remember to use clean, organic fruit when making sangria.

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For a skin tonic, rub orange or grapefruit peels on your face (avoiding your eyes) and then gently rinse with warm water. 19. Moisturize. Rub the fleshy part of an avocado peel on your face for a.

What to do with leftover fruit salad Very Veganish

Cook the fruit with a little water, sugar (or other sweetener like maple syrup, brown sugar, agave nectar, date syrup) until it is warm and bubbly, stirring often. When it has thickened to your liking, taste and add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to brighten the compote, if you want. Adjust sugar or water, as needed.

What to Do With Leftover Fruit Salad Audrey Dunham

Preheat the oven to 350 ยฐF. Meanwhile, put the leftover fruit cake into a mixer and blitz to fine crumbs. Beat 1 cup of molten butter with 1 to 2 cups of sugar in a large bowl until fluffy. Add one egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, and a dash of salt, and continue mixing. Add the fruit cake crumbs and enough milk and.

My Own Test Kitchen What to do with Leftover Fruit Salad

Apple cinnamon bread. All you need is one apple for this recipe from The Happier Homemaker. Just peel and finely chop the apple before adding some cinnamon, sugar and a few other pantry staples.

My Own Test Kitchen What to do with Leftover Fruit Salad

Leftovers of any mix of fruit are great blended with yogurt or just ice into a quick and satisfying smoothie. 2. Cook it down into a quick fruit sauce. Simmer the fruit salad with a little sugar and water and it will cook down into a warm compote. Serve it over pancakes or waffles, ice cream, or yogurt. 3.

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Take a few minutes at the end of the week to cube leftover apples, peel and chop extra bananas, and juice overripe citrus. Then, pop the fruits of your labor into the office freezer! The fruit will easily keep through the weekend, and you can add it to your breakfast the following week. Try stirring frozen apple chunks into your oatmeal before.

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Wash, trim, and core it, then slice it up. Place that fruit on a parchment paper-lined pan, and lay it flat in a single layer. Pop that pan in the freezer for about three hours, then transfer your newly frozen fruit to a resealable bag. Don't forget to label! It should last up to a year.

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In the bottom of a pitcher (or in individual glasses) muddle peach, nectarine and blueberries. Add ice and pour fruit soda over ice, stir a few times and serve. Those are my absolute five favorite summer fruit uses. Some runner ups include making homemade jams, fruit leather and even using them as compost for my garden.

what to do with leftover fruit salad

The possibilities are endless for using leftover fruit in baked goods: crumbles, pies, loaf cakes, tea cakes. You can add fruit to almost any baked good to use up leftovers. Here are some of my favorite recipes you might like to try. Apple Rose Tarts | Baked mini apple rose tarts made with puff pastry sheets are easy to make and are a great.

What to do with leftover fruit salad Very Veganish

Spoon out your fruit salad onto the sheet in a single layer with the goal of leaving a little bit of space between each piece of fruit, all while leaving the majority of the juices behind. 3. Next, place that sheet in your freezer and allow the fruit to freeze overnight. 4. The next day, peel all of the frozen fruit off from the sheet, (it.

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Make chewy fruit leathers. Turn your leftover pulp into fruit leathers, a delicious and healthy fruit candy. All you need to do is press the pulp and lay it evenly on a lined baking sheet, then put the sheet in a dehydrator, or in the oven on its lowest setting for 12 to 14 hours. Once the fruit is dried, cut it into strips and enjoy.

What to Do With Leftover Fruit Salad Audrey Dunham Fruit salad easy

Take your leftover fruit, add it to a pot and simmer over low heat with sugar to taste. Keep in mind that it will thicken as it cools. Blend it into a smooth sauce or keep it chunky for a spread.