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18 Best Tequila Brands 2022 Top Tequila Bottles To Buy Now

AsomBroso AsomBroso "Eros" Reposado Tequila. $136 at Credit: AsomBroso Tequila. If you care just as much about what the bottle looks like as you care about what's inside.

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What are the best-selling tequilas? The popularity of tequila has exploded in recent years, and as the spirit has evolved, so, too, has the number of brands on the market. In addition to a number.

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A top-shelf tequila is commonly referred to as a high-quality and excellent spirit and is commonly seen at the top of a bar shelf. In general, bar owners display tequila bottles on the top shelf behind the bartender for some good reasons: to show off that in-stock tequilas are high quality, expensive and rare. The "top-shelf" is an outdated.

25 Best Tequila Brands To Buy & Drink In 2023

One of the key factors that sets top shelf tequila apart is the aging process. Many of these tequilas are aged in oak barrels, which imparts rich and complex flavors to the spirit. Additionally, top shelf tequilas are often produced in small batches, allowing for greater control over the quality and consistency of the final product.

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Best Tequila Brands. 1. Patrón Tequila, $56+. Patron Tequila. From blanco to reposado to añejo, Patrón offers every type of tequila you could desire. All of Patrón's tequilas are handcrafted.

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Tequila is a distilled spirit from the blue agave plant made in Mexico. Tequila comes in different styles, categorized according to how long the spirit was aged. Some of the most popular styles from youngest to oldest are: The first historical reference to a distilled agave spirit dates back to 1666. While Tequila is the name of a town, in the. a shelf of tequila ifiwonthelottery

There are four officially sanctioned styles of top shelf tequila authorized by the government agency CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila), which regulates the spirit: blanco, sometimes called.

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Also be on the lookout for Santo's excellent Blanco and Reposado tequilas. Buy Santo Mezquila $49.99. 4. Fortaleza Blanco Tequila. This tequila is produced in the lowlands of the Jalisco region.

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Region: Jalisco, Mexico | ABV: 45.7% | Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, Olive, Brine This tequila is a cult favorite among experts, as Yana Volfson, the beverage manager at Cosme and ATLA restaurants in New York, calls it "beautiful." Enrique Fuenteseca, the farmer and distiller behind the bottle, chooses the ripest agave in his own estate, subjects the piñas to the autoclave-and-roller mill.

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21 Seeds Valencia Orange. $39 at Reserve Bar. If you're looking for an option for all-day sipping, this Valencia orange-infused tequila from woman-owned 21 Seeds is light and refreshing (but not.

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The Tequila Rose is a blended tequila product, that utilizes tequila made in Mexico (as all are). Number Juan is a tequila distilled in Mexico that undergoes some parts of the aging process in the US. Rest assured, anything called tequila has at least 51% blue agave and is distilled in Mexico.

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Casamigos - around $55. Fun fact: This brand was formerly owned by George Clooney. Oh, but the tequila is good, too. While Casamigos blanco often finds itself under $55, the brand's reposado.

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Our top tequilas in 2023. Best overall: Tequila Ocho Plata La Cañada 2022. Our top pick is the Tequila Ocho Plata La Cañada 2022, a single-estate tequila that's perfect for sipping. Best blanco.

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There are five types of tequila: blanco, joven, reposado, añejo and extra añejo. Blanco is an affordable, beginning level of tequila that is white in color and aged the least—if at all—while añejo and extra añejo are aged the longest and are the top-shelf preferred sipping tequilas.

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Soledad offers limited edition, ultra-premium, aged Tequila from Texas. Indulge in their high-end, top shelf spirits for an unparalleled experience.

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Best Añejo: Herradura Legend. Best Extra Añejo: Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo. Best Cristalino: Avión Reserva Cristalino. Best Tequila Under $100: Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.