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Greenery and Plants. One of the most popular and refreshing ways to decorate above kitchen cabinets is by incorporating greenery and plants. Adding a touch of nature instantly brings life and vibrancy to the space. Plus, plants are a great way to add height and fill any empty gaps.

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Potted plants above kitchen cabinets accentuate the outdoor look without hurting your budget; this is a form of decor that virtually every homeowner can afford to apply. Watering plants is typically an easy task, and they can survive in containers that you would otherwise dispose of, such as milk jugs, pasta dishes, or ice cube trays.

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20 Best Kitchen Plants That Will Brighten Your Space in an Instant. Aloe vera, chives and parsley are just a few of the houseplants that will thrive in your kitchen. By Mariah Thomas Published.

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White Jasmine. White jasmine grows easily indoors, working well in a hanging basket or clay pot. They are known for their bright white fragrant blossoms that will fill your kitchen with rich smells. During the spring and summer months, white jasmine will need as much as light as possible, but during the winter months, it can tolerate less light.

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11. Boston Fern. Boston fern is a gorgeous indoor tree with wild fronds that tend to quickly conceal the plant's pot or basket in a splash of green. The fern is a favorite for kitchen cabinets and bathroom stands. It doesn't require direct sunlight, but it's big on humidity.

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Bringing in Greenery. Adding plants above your kitchen cabinets is a great way to bring a touch of nature into the space. You can choose from a variety of plants, such as succulents, ferns, or even herb gardens. Not only do they add a pop of color to your kitchen, but they also help to purify the air.

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Things like decorative lights or an accented wall color can pull too much focus. 2. Mind the grease. If the gap is directly above your range, it is going to get a little messy regardless of how.

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Spider Plant. The spider plant is one of the most popular plants globally and one of the best plants for above kitchen cabinets. Its arched leaves are green or striped green and white. It is easy to care for and grows in bright to moderate indirect sunlight. For healthy growth, it needs to be watered regularly with the soil kept moist but not.

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Potted plants above the kitchen cabinets integrate the cabinets with your decor and infuse your home with nature. Use Plants Compatible With the Room. Plants well-suited to the room's light, temperature and humidity have a better chance of thriving and have a lower risk of needing extra care or having to be replaced. When choosing houseplants.

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As long as your kitchen has a location that receives bright, direct sunlight for the majority of the day, herbs will grow easily. Alternatively, you can also grow herbs with the help of a grow light. Easy herb varieties to grow indoors include chives, parsley, mint, thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, and cilantro . Color Varieties: Green.

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Line the top of modern kitchen cabinets with sculptural black and white decor objects or colorful glass vases. Or add a row of faux or real greenery or plants to the top of kitchen cabinets to complement any space from traditional to boho style. The empty space on top of kitchen cabinets is a decorating opportunity to add flair to your space.

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4. Plants above the kitchen cabinets Take a look at your kitchen cabinets and check to see if they are built up the ceiling or a soffit. It is good Feng Shui if there is no space above the kitchen.

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This includes above your kitchen cabinets. Whether the gap above your kitchen cabinets is small or large, there's still space that sits and gathers dust and, in turn, has stagnant, trapped energy. While you could add small decorations to fill up the space, it would still just sit and collect dust. Instead, Anjie Cho of Inhabitat recommends.

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Credit: Joe Lingeman. 6. Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) Basil really is one of the easiest herbs you can grow in your kitchen. Just know that it loves plenty of sun, dislikes cold, drafty areas, and likes a moist soil. If you have a south-facing kitchen window, this is the plant for you.

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If you do want to add some plants, there are three things which I learned you should consider. - usually the space above your cabinets gets little natural light, so your new plant babies should thrive in the shade or at least tolerates it very well. - heat rises, so plant babies should handle drying out pretty well.